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27 Sep

House Is Built On Agreement

House is built on agreement

We here at Mozga Bez have always been on the same page. Especially when summer is ending and there’s just a few more sunny days during the autumn. So, we agreed on a few things.

During the non-ride-y days we’ll be releasing our bold archives! BIG Air 2018 Kamenički Vis aftermovie is something we all expect, but there’s plenty of more stuff to come! Don’t forget the first official Serbia Longboard Camp – Popšica 2018! We’ve got miles of footage from there too, so that’s another big aftermovie for us!

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09 Jun

Come to Popšica, July 2018 Downhill Longboard Event

Mozga Bez strikes back! Mid-July racing is coming to Popšica!

Dođi u Popšicu

Woohoo! Mozga Bez is making a great comeback with this video! We’ve recorded this as a trailer for this Julys longboarding event held by us, of course! So, the deal is.. Racing! Four riders each race, 3.75km course with 4 hairpins as you close down to the bottom. Fast sections and technical curves, everything we love and live for!

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10 Feb

Episode #1 – The Oak Wood Quest

The Oak Wood Quest

This year, our Christmas Day, was pretty good! We gathered for a session and got the Oak Tree branches which is the “tradition” where we live. Our friends from Belgrade gave us a visit, thanks Zent Longboards! We’ve also had some riding, a local fellow, pigs, chicks like in every movie, singing temples and a bunch more.. Check the video for full story!

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