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17 Nov

The Longods Go To The Pantheon

And we are back with some fresh content, Mozgabez team on mount Olympus and friends had two task in hand, one harder then the other. Just kidding, downhill was the hard part, getting back up there well…good thing they had a car, cause the track is long, as you can see.  A lot of turns, means a lot of risks if you’re not ready or lose control. Thank the Greek god of winds Boreas, he respected the session with some nice weather. Like a worm one by one curving those turns, and at the side of the road some cows who didn’t cheer for out riders… boooo ! I mean…mooo! But the sheep followed.  Aaaand there’s some crap on the road, no I don’t mean the riders, literally crap, they all had to ride carefully or they would have ended up in a crappy situation.

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01 Oct

Mozga Bez (Get to Know Us)

Who is "Mozga Bez"? Well that's our team, you can catch all the things we have been up to and are doing, right here on our page + you can be the part of the team! Join us

First thing’s first, we assembled all by chance by our love of extreme sports. Some of us were on skateboards, some of us were on rollerblades, longboarding entered our lives a little bit after, one by one we started getting our own boards or borrowed from the ones who had them.

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25 Sep

History & Future Plans

What? All you need to know...Check it out

First of all we are a team named “Mozga Bez”, which was named at random. The group appears in December year 2016. So were riders of all kind: bmx, rollerblading, skating, and during last year we started getting focused on longboard riding. Longboarding let us all as a group to get focused on one thing.

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