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09 Jun

Come to Popšica, July 2018 Downhill Longboard Event

Mozga Bez strikes back! Mid-July racing is coming to Popšica!

Dođi u Popšicu

Woohoo! Mozga Bez is making a great comeback with this video! We’ve recorded this as a trailer for this Julys longboarding event held by us, of course! So, the deal is.. Racing! Four riders each race, 3.75km course with 4 hairpins as you close down to the bottom. Fast sections and technical curves, everything we love and live for!

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10 Feb

Episode #1 – The Oak Wood Quest

The Oak Wood Quest

This year, our Christmas Day, was pretty good! We gathered for a session and got the Oak Tree branches which is the “tradition” where we live. Our friends from Belgrade gave us a visit, thanks Zent Longboards! We’ve also had some riding, a local fellow, pigs, chicks like in every movie, singing temples and a bunch more.. Check the video for full story!

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08 Jan

Quest For the Oak Tree (Drvo)

First annual quest for the oak tree from MozgaBez team and friends

Commonly known tradition in Serbia and other Orthodox religion countries is that men in early morning go out and cut branches of the oak trees, which they bring to their houses. It’s bought for the dinner feast for the upcoming Christmas day. The MozgaBez team with their friends from Belgrade decided to go out to Grbavce and Popsica on the quest for the oak tree and a nifty longboarding session.

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14 Dec

The Heresy Of Olympus

The Heresy of Olympus

About a month ago there was a big longboard gathering at mount Olympus. There were two crews from Greece, one from Thessaloniki “Salunatics”, and one from Athens “Greecehill”. Also our team “MozgaBez” was attending the event, you can check the review from our perspective here The Longods Go To The Pantheon.

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17 Nov

The Longods Go To The Pantheon

And we are back with some fresh content, Mozgabez team on mount Olympus and friends had two task in hand, one harder then the other. Just kidding, downhill was the hard part, getting back up there well…good thing they had a car, cause the track is long, as you can see.  A lot of turns, means a lot of risks if you’re not ready or lose control. Thank the Greek god of winds Boreas, he respected the session with some nice weather. Like a worm one by one curving those turns, and at the side of the road some cows who didn’t cheer for out riders… boooo ! I mean…mooo! But the sheep followed.  Aaaand there’s some crap on the road, no I don’t mean the riders, literally crap, they all had to ride carefully or they would have ended up in a crappy situation.

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04 Nov

Catch if you can 80km/h

After some delay and some technical problems from our blogger we’re back with a lot of fresh content. Our team went on Olympia, the mountain of gods. Nearly two weeks have passed since this video was posted and still it’s some outstanding performance. But before that Shomara made a mark with his high speed downhill.

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13 Oct

3 Hills Weekend / South Serbia Hill Bombing

Woohoo 3 Hills Event - Grbavče, Popšica, Niška Banja! + Bonus 4th Hill - Ozren!

Grbavče was the spot to be on the list, and no1 was disappointed.  A lot of rolling and rolling, downhill speed and slides were on point… Longboard team “Mozga bez” and friends came together for a wonderful  event. Barbecue and kačamak were on the menu and smiles on the face all that got our riders morale up. We had a new generation of skaters, that are promising; rollerbladers and our pets love skates as much as us. Timbic showed amazing skill, Fikus came in in a stylish fashion. Self records were broke, no1 got really hurt… well except… We had a rider who was injured, Udovica, we all hope will be up and ready for the next session, and that he won’t sell his board… Nele, Laza and Shomara, as longboard veterans showed us a thing or two. Friends from Zent longboards were also awesome!

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