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10 Feb

Episode #1 – The Oak Wood Quest

The Oak Wood Quest

This year, our Christmas Day, was pretty good! We gathered for a session and got the Oak Tree branches which is the “tradition” where we live. Our friends from Belgrade gave us a visit, thanks Zent Longboards! We’ve also had some riding, a local fellow, pigs, chicks like in every movie, singing temples and a bunch more.. Check the video for full story!

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14 Dec

The Heresy Of Olympus

The Heresy of Olympus

About a month ago there was a big longboard gathering at mount Olympus. There were two crews from Greece, one from Thessaloniki “Salunatics”, and one from Athens “Greecehill”. Also our team “MozgaBez” was attending the event, you can check the review from our perspective here The Longods Go To The Pantheon.

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04 Nov

Catch if you can 80km/h

After some delay and some technical problems from our blogger we’re back with a lot of fresh content. Our team went on Olympia, the mountain of gods. Nearly two weeks have passed since this video was posted and still it’s some outstanding performance. But before that Shomara made a mark with his high speed downhill.

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15 Oct

2 Minute Bomb Grbavce

In Autumn, a colorful  October, Nele and Shomara showed superb longboarding bombing at Grbavče, the place we all love to ride. They were cutting the wind, as the wind cut back. We see some Coleman slides in this video, but hope there were some much better slides.

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