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01 Apr

The Blizzard Aftermath – The (Han?!) Solo

2018 season was great! We loved it, thanks Babin Zub, Stara Planina!

The Solo

Well, well, what happens in blizzard stays in blizzard right?! The overview of the event, which you can check here (Blizzard Overview and Gallery), looks great! Lot’s of fancy pictures, really nice shots, but videos, now those were lacking! Instead of making a new video episode about blizzard struggles, we’ve ended up with nothing. Bad ideas, fooling and falling around, basically bad shots.

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05 Feb

MozgaBez’s Blizzard Event Overview

MozgaBez's Blizzard event at Stara Planina, Babin Zub!

Day 1.

If you were informed about the Mozga Bez’s Blizzard event, you would know where the action was, at Stara Planina 15th-18th of January. We had split in two cars, also Nemanja aka. Flegma and legendary Deki came with us on an adventure. One car arrived before the other, well the other car had some complications. It slipped out of the road, spinned right into the tree, and it was in the middle of nowhere. It took them an hour in a blizzard and deep snow to get the car out, after that all was well and the team regrouped.

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