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01 Apr

The Blizzard Aftermath – The (Han?!) Solo

2018 season was great! We loved it, thanks Babin Zub, Stara Planina!

The Solo

Well, well, what happens in blizzard stays in blizzard right?! The overview of the event, which you can check here (Blizzard Overview and Gallery), looks great! Lot’s of fancy pictures, really nice shots, but videos, now those were lacking! Instead of making a new video episode about blizzard struggles, we’ve ended up with nothing. Bad ideas, fooling and falling around, basically bad shots.

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04 Nov

Catch if you can 80km/h

After some delay and some technical problems from our blogger we’re back with a lot of fresh content. Our team went on Olympia, the mountain of gods. Nearly two weeks have passed since this video was posted and still it’s some outstanding performance. But before that Shomara made a mark with his high speed downhill.

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01 Oct

Mozga Bez (Get to Know Us)

Who is "Mozga Bez"? Well that's our team, you can catch all the things we have been up to and are doing, right here on our page + you can be the part of the team! Join us

First thing’s first, we assembled all by chance by our love of extreme sports. Some of us were on skateboards, some of us were on rollerblades, longboarding entered our lives a little bit after, one by one we started getting our own boards or borrowed from the ones who had them.

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25 Sep

History & Future Plans

What? All you need to know...Check it out

First of all we are a team named “Mozga Bez”, which was named at random. The group appears in December year 2016. So were riders of all kind: bmx, rollerblading, skating, and during last year we started getting focused on longboard riding. Longboarding let us all as a group to get focused on one thing.

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