06 Jul

Longboard Camp – Popšica, Serbia 2018!

Get ready! The storm is coming!

Following this post comes the official announcement! This year, first ever, longboarding camp! Three nights and two days of super excitement! Read more below!

Longboarders, time has come for you to get your a** to Popšica, Serbia!

So, we’ll all gather in the evening of 20th July, you can also come on Saturday morning, but you’ll miss some of the fun. On 21th of July we’ve got freerides all day! Popšica swimming pool will be free for everyone to use, of course, and our camping ground will be right next to it! In the evening we’ll head to the Slide Jam competition! 22nd is reserved for racing! So, trial runs in the morning, but when the noon comes, it’ll be time to race! To compete here, you’ll need to fill out the form at the end of this post! Whoever wins the race gets $200 cash + Zent Longboard (a link to the Zent Longboards is here 😉 )

Grease up those wheelies! Competition is tough!

So, the prizes are good, we expect nice amount of riders, maybe even friends from Bulgaria (Longdayboarding), Greece (Salunatics, Greasehill) or Romania (Unleash)? If we’ve missed some dudes, please come and let us know! To get the full idea what’ll happen here, we suggest you to watch this video – Come to Popšica 2018! The video follows, as well as the sign up form!

Riders register below! Awesome prizes for the winners!

Fill in the registration fields and we’ll contact you when the official info! Be there or be square!


* Fill in the form to compete! Awesome prizes for the riders! There’s no entry fee, competition is open (free) for everyone!

Event happens here! Check the map!

Check the map to see where were playing this year! Awesome surroundings, nature, natural spring swimming pool and some hairpins? Sounds badass! The official race is ~2km long and is marked on the map. The whole ride can be up to 5km long, but we’re keeping the race short and technical! Enjoy!

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