28 Jun

Longboard Picnic Day 2018

Yeah, yeah! Well this summer started out good! Or did it start at all? We’ll probably have to wait for another week to get the Sun out, but we’ve not hold still for a long time to get the first longboarding event of the season out in the spot! Longboard Picnic Day 2018 held by Zent Longboards Crew, to be precise Boris, Hana, Kima, Milena.. was a delight to begin with! Over there, it was sunshine and unicorns all the way.

Mozga Bez was sharpening their sharpies for this event! We’ve packed up our team and headed straight to the boot camp. The place to be was Košutnjak, Belgrade! Annually longboarding weekends are held here (this one was 5th). For this event Boris made sure we’ve got enough sponsors! No 1, BeoSport boosted the event with their all new brand, Board Dome, that will sell all the skateboard/longboard/snow/ski related goodies in the future. They gave away a complete Miller longboard to the overall winner (and you’ll find out who if you read on!)! The awesome underground brand I Can was also there, check their stuff here. Not to forget the organizer of the event, Zent Longboards gave away one handmade, custom built, original Zent downhill board, with 9 layers and amazing graphics (if you need one yourself go to their page right now!)! This board went to the dude that had the most wrecked wheels over there, so he can now cruise in glory!

To start the event, a fire pit was lit! Dead animals all over it, maybe some veggies, but not sure, beer and mostly classic good-old Serbian fun over there. Besides these pretty standard events, longboarders competed in a race, hippie jump and the longest slide. So, how did it go? Race was pretty tight, +0.02 seconds? Who does this? Winter olympics luge competition? Clearly some margin, full results down below! Hippie Jump? We’ll need a taller bar next time surely, 110cm took the win here, 110cm hippie jump, gee 😀 Results? Yes, down. Longest slide? This we’ll have to improve! No hands down? Nobody or just somebody? Practice your slides people!

All in all, the best event so far on these grounds! An after movie is coming right up, so stay tuned to see just about everything. Special cheer to our friend Nemanja who was there for us! We quite appreciate it boi, thanks for hanging out with us! We also congratulate our teammate Shomara for cleaning out the prize box! The results follow! Enjoy the gallery and ride safe!

Official Longboard Picnic Day 2018 Results!

Overall Results!

  1. Shomara, Niš
  2. Shone, Niš
  3. David, Gornji Milanovac
  4. Fikus, Kragujevac


  1. Shone 1.19.70
  2. Shomara 1.19.72
  3. Kima 1.22.94
  4. Djuka 1.24.42
  5. Pedja 1.27.21
  6. Desko 1.32.28
  7. Laza 1.34.29
  8. Peca 1.34.46
  9. Aleksa 1.38.10
  10. David 1.44.12
  11. Strahinja 1.46.65
  12. Fikus 1.51.95
  13. Velisa 1.57.03
  14. Gina 1.59.24
  15. Rastko 1.59.84
  16. Nemanja 2.06.31
  17. Couple 2.06.52
  18. Uros 2.13.97
  19. Ivan 2.36.22
  20. Fabri 2.49.36

Hippie Jump

  1. David 110cm
  2. Shomara 100cm
  3. Shone 90cm
  4. Luka 90cm
  5. Fikus 90cm
  6. Kima 40cm
  7. Desko 40cm
  8. Strahinja –


  1. Shomara
  2. Kima
  3. Fikus
  4. Peca
  5. Shone
  6. Strahinja
  7. Djuka
  8. Milena

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