01 Apr

The Blizzard Aftermath – The (Han?!) Solo

2018 season was great! We loved it, thanks Babin Zub, Stara Planina!

The Solo

Well, well, what happens in blizzard stays in blizzard right?! The overview of the event, which you can check here (Blizzard Overview and Gallery), looks great! Lot’s of fancy pictures, really nice shots, but videos, now those were lacking! Instead of making a new video episode about blizzard struggles, we’ve ended up with nothing. Bad ideas, fooling and falling around, basically bad shots.

So, blizzard 2.0, reborn, or however you call it next time when the snow falls?! Yes, but no one was up when that came to the table! “Wanna go to the Blizzzzard this weekend? – Hell no!”, “Yo, man?! Blizzard?! – F* off dick, I’m going to drink beer Jaram, Kopaonik style this weekend. No f* blizzards.”, “Blizzard man! You’re like the last hope to enjoy the heavy snowfall (line drops) at Babin Zub with.. ? – ..” OK! Solo! Or Han Solo, or Solo the Han, or whatever, think it’s got something to do with the Star Wars. Anyway, enjoy the movie, and not the Star Wars one you dummy!

Plus! Extra frames from the videos of the previous blizzard event follows! Those funny shots will probably never make out anywhere, maybe the fail army compilation movie or something similar. Anyway enjoy those too! 2018 winter season?! Phuii! Not by a long shot could a decade of snow do what the last season has done for us! Thank you wintery Babin Zub! We’ll miss that snow till the next season!

So, the funny shots follow and if you’ve missed the video scroll back to the top!!

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