20 Mar

Big Air Event 2018 Review and Galleries

Big air event Kamenicki Vis review

A big and great event started and ended in a success, how was it all meant to be and how  it was, let’s take a look into a retrospective. Well the end of February blessed us with a non stop snow days, so the Mozga Bez team decided to make an event. Because they had experience of making a snow park from last month they were quick on their toes to make this one count! The snow was wild and there was so much snow that it was hard even to come to the point where the event would be. Everyone has put their heart and soul into making the park and the event. The decision was made, we were making the event on 3.3.2018, and  we were putting the finishing touches to the park  the day before the event. A lot of people were interested in coming to the event, yet were skeptic cause the weather was worsening. There was a lot of raining, and the snow  was disappearing everywhere in the city, except there was some left on Kamenički Vis. We had to confirm the event, and thanks to Mr. Blagoje we did. We all prayed that enough snow would be there for the event.

The Judgment Day

Judgment day, no one knew how much snow was there, yet were ready for some fun and risk coming there. So everyone was surprised as the sun was warming us up for the event, plus there was enough snow for the event to happen. The people gathered and helped with the final touches to the jump and the park itself. The Dj booth was starting to boom thanks to Dj Ljudski Maximum and also the refreshments were ready for all at the shack.

After some delay, because of park repairs, we were ready to warm up and test the jump. The hype was building up, and more people were starting to come, despite a lot of skepticism everything looked like it couldn’t be better at that moment.  Around noon the participants were ready to bust some sick tricks with their snowboards and skis. We had seen some big airs, the biggest one was from our skier Boki, some 360 spins from Nele and Chi Che, and a neat 180 from Shomara with skis. Some crazy grabs like melon grab from Bratus Kimus, Boris Paleksić and Milos Vrucinić. Martin and a couple of guys showed us some nice indie grabs, also there was a neat method grab that was noticed. One of the gnarliest tricks of the event were 360 indie from Nele and a nice outstretched  backflip try from Milanche. It was hard to keep track of all the trick that were dropping, so the pictures will speak for some of them.

As the official jumping session ended and we were waiting for the results, some people grabbed a break near the camp fire, while others continued riding in the snow park beside the jump. Courtesy to the people that haven’t stopped ridding, the snow was not gonna be there for a while, so everybody took the last chance to enjoy it. Results were in and ready to be announced, so :
1st place Nele, 2nd place Chi Che, 3rd place Boki, and the gnarliest trick attempt went to Milanche. Because Nele was the organizer of the event, 1st place reward went to Chi Che, so congrats to him!

As we were summing up the impressions from the event, drinking, dancing and having fun, it was time to put the event to a close, and mark at as a success. We knew the next time it can only be better and crazier! So if you want adrenaline, fun and and unforgettable moments, join us. If you want to support what we do and what we stand for help us spread the love of extreme sports and good vibes in our city and the whole country.

Big Thanks!

Big thanks to everyone who attended this gnarly event, so till the next time enjoy the video and the photos of the event. Big love to all from team Mozga Bez!

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