05 Feb

MozgaBez’s Blizzard Event Overview

MozgaBez's Blizzard event at Stara Planina, Babin Zub!

Day 1.

If you were informed about the Mozga Bez’s Blizzard event, you would know where the action was, at Stara Planina 15th-18th of January. We had split in two cars, also Nemanja aka. Flegma and legendary Deki came with us on an adventure. One car arrived before the other, well the other car had some complications. It slipped out of the road, spinned right into the tree, and it was in the middle of nowhere. It took them an hour in a blizzard and deep snow to get the car out, after that all was well and the team regrouped.

Day 2.

We all got up early ate some breakfast and were ready to go in 10 to 8 Am. We all got to the ski resort, 2 noobs were doing their best to learn, while the rest went a bit off road. They want in the deep snow struggled, and decided to go on Babin Zub, and then do the forest run. The fog was so big it was hard to coordinate and see anything. The storm was to strong also, our team made a lot of riding and filming mistakes. We can see Timbic’s fail flipping in the forest, marvelous. The storm was too strong, first day full of fails, our team retreated, only to come the next day and finish the job. The ski resort was so empty, it felt like the Mozga Bez team rented the whole resort.

Day 3.

it seemed more like a jump session, and the fog was even bigger than the day before. Milanche joined us on the third day, he accidentally fell from a rock about 3-4m high. There were more accidental gap jumps/falls. A little avalanche started, luckily everything was okay. After a lot of trails and errors, Nele decided to separate from the group and solo ride that day. So another day, another defeat for the team.

Day 4.

Last day we had to admit defeat, so the blizzard won. We decided to visit the forest and the waterfall, after that we have gone for some tea, to warm up and we had a little talk to train and to come better next time… To be continued…

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