26 Feb

BIG Air Event @ Kamenički Vis !!!

Saturday big winter event at Kamenički Vis 12h sharp!

Yo Yo Yo, this Saturday, 3.3.2018. big news coming to Kamenički Vis. Are you a fan of winter sports? Are you a fan of extreme sports? Do you just like watching and enjoying this kind of activities? Well this is the place to be!

Never seen before around this area, big event, so much fun and good energy! Bring your skis and your snowboards and show us what  are you made of! For the gnarliest and craziest out there, the prize awaits!

1st place = 3000 din + Mozga Bez T-shirt
2nd place = 1000 din + Mozga Bez T-shirt
3rd place = Mozga Bez T-shirt

Mozga Bez crew has been there earlier this year, and it was radical, you can see some of the pictures on our instagram and facebook pages. This will be the first annual event so you should be a part of it and help us progress in the years to come!

The event starts at the old ski lift and the registrations will be there also. Make sure you be there before the event officially starts at 12:00 sharp!. BIG Air and registration will be opened from 10:00! Be there on time and be ready to shred!

Want to join in?

Check the official facebook event page here → BIG Air Event 2018. Official Facebook Page

Want to watch more?

Check out the official trailer for the BIG Air Event 2018, which we’ve recorded earlier this January. Enjoy!


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