08 Jan

Quest For the Oak Tree (Drvo)

First annual quest for the oak tree from MozgaBez team and friends

Commonly known tradition in Serbia and other Orthodox religion countries is that men in early morning go out and cut branches of the oak trees, which they bring to their houses. It’s bought for the dinner feast for the upcoming Christmas day. The MozgaBez team with their friends from Belgrade decided to go out to Grbavce and Popsica on the quest for the oak tree and a nifty longboarding session.

We started at Grbavce, well the half of the whole crew was there, so we started ridding aggressive, cause we couldn’t wait. Don’t know for others, but I didn’t warm up at the start and had an early shoulder injury at the same place as the last year, and I couldn’t ride for the rest of the session. I wanted to ride badly, but I knew it would just end up worst than it already is. Nesha was aggressive on start, he couldn’t wait for others, so he started to killing it on start. We took a little breakfast break and in the meantime came the rest of the crew.

And then they came Shomara, Laza and little Vasa with our friends from Belgrade: Boris, Kima, Sima and little Nidza.  Beside our seniors there were soon to be good longboarders Vasa and Nidza, and our begginer Nemanja aka. Flegma. We had an unexpected guest from Grbavce, some friendly old man who was ready to be our friend and share his stories. Grbavce is steep, but either way it was a warm up location, after that we went to Popsica. On the way to there there was a good road about 5km and beautiful nature. The ones that rode that road were Sima, Nesha and Djuka. We were all proud of Djuka and his progress.

Our last destination before we headed home was at Labukovo near some beautiful nature and monastery, from which we heard some national and choir songs. 200m from there we found some nice oak trees, and that’s the place where we took the picture. Timbic didn’t do a lot of ridding, but damn he took some nice videos and photos, nice job Timbic keep it up. When the sun was starting to go down, and when it got a lot colder, we went back, but not before we took a little branch of the legendary holy tree. We were set to put the dot at the end of a good day and session.

So at the end of the event we can’t wait for the next one, rider profile blog coming soon. You can also follow us on instagram, facebook and our online shop ” https://mozgabez.com/ ” where you can find all you need. without further ado enjoy pictures we have for you and our video!

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