12 Jan

MozgaBez Blizzard is Coming Event!

MozgaBez snow storm event at Stara Planina! Mećava is coming!

News flash! Team MozgaBez is going to “Stara Planina” (Old mountain), and if you want to experience something new, join us and feel the adrenaline rush!

The event will be held 15th-18th of January, the total price of that will be 70 euros, that includes 4 days of adventure, 3 nights of sleep, breakfast and lunch along the way. Transport from Niš to Babin Zub will be organized by the MozgaBez crew. All the adrenaline rushes and adventures are included!

Plan is to swirl the Old Teeth and to hike the Midzor Mountain with the ride back. Everything will be recorded and a video will be released afterwards!

All are welcome! Young, old, women, men, beginners, intermediate, advanced. This will be our first annual event so come join us and let’s celebrate together. So are you ready for the adventure? Get packing and fill in the registration form below!

Registration is now CLOSED! – 15/1/2018

** Registration is now closed! 😀 Thanks for registering, and remember to bring a compass because Mećava will be spooky according to Shomarra! Boooooohaahah (Ghostly)

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