06 Dec

Ski Opening at Our Doorstep!

Looking forward to the ski opening and a close look, how it was last year

Hello back, today we look how it was! The Ski Opening 2018 is coming close! MozgaBez team is ready and will be joining other lads at Kopaonik, Serbia. We’ll make a video, or two to show you how we’re gonna rock the mountain this weekend!

But while we wait for the right time to go, you can watch how it was last year on Babin Zub. A lot of adventure, fun and getting stuck in the deep deep snow. Our heroes wanted to go freeriding, and this is the video results of how it was, enjoy!


Our freshest riders are ready to try themselves out, especially Timbic, who has been on fire for this longboarding season. We know our veteran riders are ready, but Djuxon and Boxa are shaky, Let’s hope that all goes as planed for our team, and far most to have a great session, and a lot of fun… Follow us for more winter excitements from Serbia. Cheers!

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