01 Oct

Mozga Bez (Get to Know Us)

Who is "Mozga Bez"? Well that's our team, you can catch all the things we have been up to and are doing, right here on our page + you can be the part of the team! Join us

First thing’s first, we assembled all by chance by our love of extreme sports. Some of us were on skateboards, some of us were on rollerblades, longboarding entered our lives a little bit after, one by one we started getting our own boards or borrowed from the ones who had them.

After some time, we met Laza,one thing led to the other and “Mozga Bez” came to be. We started making videos and some events, even went to some events, and that’s how we spread our group name and met new people. We met people  from different towns in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania…etc

All the riding payed off, we showed our skills in other places, Laza  made a record od 75km/h his personal best and the record for Serbian longboarding. Shomara has won 3rd place so far, more records to break, more events to win, this is only just the start of “Mozga Bez” crew, we’re gonna spread our love towards the extreme sports and hope to get a lot of support and love of the local scene.

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