13 Oct

3 Hills Weekend / South Serbia Hill Bombing

Woohoo 3 Hills Event - Grbavče, Popšica, Niška Banja! + Bonus 4th Hill - Ozren!

Grbavče was the spot to be on the list, and no1 was disappointed.  A lot of rolling and rolling, downhill speed and slides were on point… Longboard team “Mozga bez” and friends came together for a wonderful  event. Barbecue and kačamak were on the menu and smiles on the face all that got our riders morale up. We had a new generation of skaters, that are promising; rollerbladers and our pets love skates as much as us. Timbic showed amazing skill, Fikus came in in a stylish fashion. Self records were broke, no1 got really hurt… well except… We had a rider who was injured, Udovica, we all hope will be up and ready for the next session, and that he won’t sell his board… Nele, Laza and Shomara, as longboard veterans showed us a thing or two. Friends from Zent longboards were also awesome!

Boris, Mige, Bratus Kimus and he’s better half,  *khm* I mean his girlfriend. So we were ready for spot 2. 5 km later we were in Popšica, right in time  for the sunset, we were st for some riding. Guys from Belgrade loved Popšica, and couldn’t wait to come back for a good session, even tho they just arrived. So some of us were tired, and some of us were gonna keep rolling! End the end of the Popšica spot, Laza and Shomara had a race, no1 saw who won, it’s still a mystery, but one thing is for sure they showed us how it’s done. You go guys!

Spot 3 for the end, some night downhill bombing at Niška Banja, some were tired and sleeping at that time, while some still had some atoms left to finish the session. In Niška Banja for our friends the accommodation apartments were crap, but luckily they had enough beers to survive the night. We still don’t know how did they enjoyed their stay at the apartment. Nele had some injuries and he was tired, he went a sleep at 00h, well he was active all day long, he sure deserved it! So the day was brought to a close  but we will be back with a new session, and with a new blog post!

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