25 Sep

History & Future Plans

What? All you need to know...Check it out

First of all we are a team named “Mozga Bez”, which was named at random. The group appears in December year 2016. So were riders of all kind: bmx, rollerblading, skating, and during last year we started getting focused on longboard riding. Longboarding let us all as a group to get focused on one thing.

A whole year passed and there were a lot of sessions and events. During that time we made a ton of videos and pictures to capture those moments. We shared good laughs, pain and a bit anger, but that’s what takes to make it all awesome and a team.

So as a team, and to make it official Nele made a web page/shop that is gonna promote longboarding and later other  extreme sports on the local scene. We gonna have our own van to make the complete. So you can follow us on instagram/facebook/youtube “Mozga Bez” , and maybe soon we will come on twitter. And you can buy some stuff from us to help and promote.

So after some rides, pictures and videos, a lot of people in our city is starting taking interest In longboarding, and extreme sports. We can expect to probably have our school for extreme sports and longboarding. We will soon see what the results will be…

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